20 May 2008

Spring Street Subway Station, SOLD

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Spring Street Subway Station, oil on linen panel, 5"x5"
Click on image for a larger view.
This is the third of the New York paintings.
The view coming out of the Spring Street Subway Station

A couple shots of friends, family, and peers at the opening.


Ambera said...

I like the top painting, it's claustrophobic.
Where are you in these photos?

Stephen Magsig said...

That's what it is like coming out of the subway stations that are underground, you come out into the light. They can be very claustrophobic.
I am in the middle three photos dressed in black, With my daughter, Marilee, in the second photo.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Stephen, congratulations on your show, and congrats on the 300th painting which I think is a smasher! Fantastic composition and viewpoint but what I like best is the cloud formation which really helps to lift the sky right up there.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the showing... i'd love that one day

Alvin Richard said...

Congratulations on your show in NYC, the paintings look amazing....I admire your work ethic....you are so very dedicated to your artwork!!! Kudos Stephen!