26 May 2008

Chelsea Detail, SOLD

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Chelsea Detail, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
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A detail of a Chelsea Building. I really like these metal decorative pieces on top of buildings all over NY. Sometimes thy are dented and smashed, leaving you wondering what crashed into the top of the building

Artist Mark Oberndorf shooting photos.
Yesterday we had a studio visit from Artist Mark Oberndorf. After the studio visit and lunch, Mark, Janet and I spent the afternoon in SOHO and the West Village taking photographs and talking art. A great way to spend the day.


This Painting Life said...

I'm turning green with envy, walking around the West Village taking photos and then sitting around talking art...ontop of all other things 'New York'...That is what I call living! Great to see the paintings you are producing whilst there :)

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Diane, It is always mind blowing being in New York. Sometimes we have to step back and just realize what we have. Having the opportunity to spend time in New York is one of them. And we do appreciate the time we spend here and all that it entails. This evening we had dinner at a cheap Spanish restaurant, food was fantastic, next an hour watching bike messengers, playing polo on bikes and cement, next Lemon ices at Roma Cafe then back to pack. Home tomorrow, will be nice to be back in my studio and our garden.

Mark Oberndorf said...

Thanks for the nice mention, Stephen. You and Janet are such wonderful people. I'm so glad we finally got a chance to meet and spend some time together! After seeing your work in the studio, I"m more motivated than ever to own as many as I can. Speak to you soon. Have a safe flight home!