20 April 2008

Wetmore's, SOLD

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Wetmore's, oil on linen panel, 7x5"
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Wetmore's is on Woodward Ave a few blocks from our house. I have always wanted to paint it as it is such a landmark. Their ad says: "Stop where you see the car on the roof" The wheels spin and the headlights shine.
Ninety-nine years ago today the first mile of concrete highway was laid, along Woodward Ave. for a cost of $13,00.00
The road is named after Judge Augustus Woodward, who redesigned the city after the 1805 fire.


This Painting Life said...

Oh, I just love it, definitely in line with my sensibilities!

Stephen Magsig said...

I thought of you while doing this one and was hoping you would see it. It is only two blocks from our house. They work on our auto's when they need care. Very convenient for us.
Happy motoring!