17 March 2008

United Artist Marquee, SOLD

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United Artist Marquee 5"x7", oil on linen panel.
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This is a painting of the United Artist Marquee, the building is still standing but the marquee is gone.
There are so many wonderful buildings that I have painted over the last twenty-five plus years that are no longer standing. The paintings stand as a visual record of their existence. Sadly in Detroit so many are just destroyed and not renovated or restored as in other cities.


Alvin Richard said...

Just brilliant, the orange against the blue sky, the chrome effect really gives this one, the WOW factor!

Anonymous said...

awesome painting.. esp the colors. This is painted so tight it looks like a big painting.

Sherry DeGhelder said...

You found some great shadows, Stephen. The older buildings have so much character. When they are destroyed, so many cities replace them with generic uniformity. With your painted records, you get to keep them standing.

Don Gray said...

Great job, Steve. This piece just sings with powerful simplicity and vibrant color.

Ambera said...

Everytime I think I've decided on a favorite, you post something that tops it. If I weren't a broke art student I'd buy this one in a heartbeat.