26 March 2008

Mich Central, Detail, SOLD

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Mich Central, Detail. oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
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Another Michigan Central painting, This building has a hold on me. It is so awesome and haunting and beautiful all at the same time. There is a lot of talk about tearing it down. I hope they can find a way to make use of it. I am going to try to get inside again to take photos just in case.


Ambera said...

Astounding Stephen, I'm baffled that you can fit that much information in such a small painting, and do it so well. How tiny is your brush?

Stephen Magsig said...

Hi Ambera,
It is really easier than you think. The brush isn't that small, just stiff, highlights are the paint being moved arounds or lifted off. Keeping the paint thin and moving it around can create a lot of looks. If you look at a Andrew Wyeth painting or his father's NC Wyeth they let the underpainting create much of the detail. Adding highlights and darks finishes it off. Keep up the great work!

This Painting Life said...

What a beautiful building, how could they take it down!!!! At least you've done it justice with this painting so that I can admire the building from the other side of the world :)

Stephen Magsig said...

This Painting Life! I was on your site when I got this comment, how about that. Pretty cool when people can feel connected half way around the World. Thanks, Stephen