11 March 2008

Hamtramck Deux, SOLD

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Hamtramck Deux, oil on linen panel, 5"x7"
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These two wonderful buildings in Hamtramck are no longer standing. I am happy when I can leave a visual record of an area of Detroit that is constantly changing.


Edward Cooper said...

Hi Stephen,

I found your blog via William Wrays blog. Glad I did, another gold mine of inpseration. Like William your work shows how good compositional skills really open up the everyday and mundane as sutiable subjects for great art!
I was wondering if you paint on the spot or take photos and work in studio? Also if you work into a toned background or cover the whole panel in panel alla prima style??

S.M. Sedwick said...

I love this one. I used to live in Cleveland until recently, and I visit your blog all the time to sort of relive the light quality of the midwest. Your paintings are masterful.

Ambera said...

A very beautiful and eerie image. I love the gaping black holes created by the posts on the front porch. The house in the background is also great, they both remind me of tombstones.

Robert Chunn said...

This one has a moody, hopperesque feel to it.