13 February 2008

R.R. Bridge, Woodward Ave, SOLD

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R.R. Bridge, Woodward Ave, oil on linen panel, 5"x7"
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This R.R. Bridge is in Highland Park on Woodward Ave near the old Ford Model "T" plant.
Sometimes you can find beauty in the everyday things that most take for granted.


Manuela Valenti said...

So very true!
I've passed through there a couple of times. Very nice!

Melody said...

Love this piece Stephen...brilliantly done.

Anonymous said...

sweet composition!

JMahorney said...

good lord you nailed the light key on this one. Your colors are right on and it reads right away even from the thumbnail. The value design is great too. Just fantastic.

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks everyone,
Jeff, I think this was one of my more successful