06 February 2008

Penobscot Building in Low Clouds, SOLD

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Penobscot Building in Low Clouds, oil on linen panel, 7"x5", click on image to enlarge.
The low clouds created these wonderful soft colors on the Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit


Ambera said...

your building tops are some of my favorites. I've tried time and time again to acheive that look where the upper area of a building blends softly into the haze of the sky, or night. You do it amazingly well.

Austin Maloney said...

I find great subtlety and depth in your work.


A Reason to Paint said...

Nice - it's like a castle in the mist.

perez.art said...

Today I discovered your art, I had not always the time to visit all the members Blogs , let me tell you that your art is overwhelming, a simple, austere and honest tribute to Detroit, excellent paintings!
I added your Blog to my favorites list.
Alex Perez