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23 February 2008

J.L. Hudson Building, SOLD

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J.L. Hudson Building, oil on linen panel, 7"x5", click on image to enlarge.
The famous JL Hudson Building. It was demolished to make way for The Compuware World Headquarters.
In the foreground is The Detroit Public Library.


Ambera said...

One thing I love about your work is the inclusion of words and letters. They're often edited out in paintings, so it's nice to see their meaning and presence in a painting once in a while.

Jason Waskey said...

Having my computer down for the last ten days or so was *almost* worth it to get to have a juicy meal of new (to me) Magsig work that I just had, instead of my normal daily dose...

craigstephens said...

Very nice painting. I really love that blue!