16 February 2008

The Detroit Alphabet, Letter "G", SOLD

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The Detroit Alphabet, letter "G", oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
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This is the fifth letter painting in the Detroit Alphabet series. It is from the Vinsetta Garage sign on Woodward Ave.
I would like to do a painting of all the letters based on vintage sign-age in Detroit. When the complete Detroit Alphabet is done I would like to make a book from the series, that would be available for purchase from this blog.


Terry Banderas said...

Beautifully done. Great idea on doing parts of signs. I like your railroad art also.

Alvin Richard said...

G is also for GREAT, which this painting is!

Frank Gardner said...

G for great is just what I was thinking too.
I've said it before, but I love these old sign letters.

This Painting Life said...

'G' for Good idea re the book, "Alphabet signs of Detroit" :)

Anonymous said...

awesome painting. i love how u did the neon.

Ambera said...

Really nice job on the shadows in this one.