29 February 2008

Brush Park Rooms, SOLD

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Brush Park Rooms, oil on linen panel, 7"x5", click on image to enlarge.
This detail is of a boarded up rooming house in the Brush Park District of Detroit. This once opulent area of Detroit is undergoing a revival. Older buildings like this are being restored and new condominiums are being built.
It is sad that so many were demolished by neglect before the upturn.

My wife, Janet Hamrick, has an opening tonight Friday, Feb 29, at the Lemberg Gallery in Ferndale, 5-8 pm If you are in the area please stop by and say hi!

We lost our studio cat, Duchamp, this week. He was a beautiful Russian Blue that enriched our lives for almost 20 years. We love and miss him very, very much.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Stephen, a lovely quiet painting this; it has a kind of "eternal" feel to it. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear cat but I hope he will be around your place in spirit for many years to come.

Frank Gardner said...

Sorry to hear about Duchamp Stephen.

Don Gray said...

It's great that you had Duchamp for that long, but what a hole he must leave--so sorry.

Great sense of air in this painting. Proportions of building to sky work really well here.

Ambera said...

Warm wishes to you and your wife, best of luck for her opening! Sorry for Duchamp. Can I ask about the name? Was he a Marcel Duchamp?