10 December 2007


Well I have to figure this out before everyone thinks I am ignoring them. I have been tagged by three different artists. But have not return tagged because I could not figure out how to enter the code, for us old dogs it takes a little longer to keep up. I thought I was doing OK just keeping the blog going.
I have been tagged by:
Liza Hirst
Triecia Gibney
Joan DaGradi
Please visit these sites, all are terrific artist. Liza is from Dordogne, France. An area of SW France we visited in the Fall of 2004. Wonderful place. She does great work of the area, portraits and paintings of Paris. Triecia's blog, A REASON TO PAINT" is from Melbourne, Australia. It so great connecting with artist from all over the World. Triecia does wonderful moody cityscapes and landscapes. She also keeps us informed of what the art scene is down under.
Joan is another wonderful painter of landscapes, seascapes, still life and more.

So the way this loosely works is that when you're tagged, you divulge 5 little known facts about yourself and then tag 5 other artists. It's a great way to introduce artists whose work you enjoy to a potentially wider audience, as well as have a bit of fun.

Ok No.1 : I did my first mural on the black board in third grade.

No 2: While serving in Vietnam 68-69, in base camp, I did pastel portraits of my buddies girlfriends or wives for them. My mother sent pastels and paper.
This is before internet images, so they were greatly appreciated.

No 3:I have a Grand daughter who has the same look of intensity while she paints, she is three years old. Oh my!

No 4:I am married to a great artist, we get along because her paintings are completely different than mine and we have separate studios, alone together.

No5: I never asked my parents who I was named after before they passed away. Guess I will never know

I now need to tag 5 artists whose work is always impressive. I hope you will check them out. They are:
Deborah Paris
Sheila Vaughan
Tracy Helgeson
Jason Waskey
mick mcginty


RJ said...

Hi Stephen--

We have spoken a few times in the past, but it has been many years; I don't know if you recall or not. I worked at MacNamara back in the 80s, and at Colorforms in the early to mid-90s. (I remember very well the painting of yours that Lora hung in the lobby!) Freelanced for several years, and finally got out of illustration after twenty years. I'm now a high school art teacher at a cool charter school for the arts, Arts Academy in the Woods.

I have been a fan of your work for a long time, and am glad to have found your blog. If you are interested, my blog has some of my work from over the years, and also commentary on a number of different topics-- artists, my evolving views on art, etc. I would enjoy it if you would stop by and say hi!

By the way, I also live in Ferndale, home to many artists and musicians (I do that too).


Rick Jacobi

RJ said...

p.s. I put a link to your blog on my page.


A Reason to Paint said...

Hi Stephen, you did great! I love the way this tagging works; I wasn't familiar with Liza Hirst and Deborah Paris's work, but thanks to your links they are now both in my favorites for regular visits.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Thanks for thinking of me Stephen. It is much appreciated. Your work continues to inspire!

Susan said...

Well it's amazing what you learn here...I didn't know you did portraits in Vietnam. I don't know who you're named after But I do know that my son is named after you and when he calls on the phone, he sounds just like you.He is like you in many ways. I'm glad I named him after you, one of my favorite people and the best brother in the world. love,