04 December 2007

Rouge Nocturne,SOLD

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Rouge Nocturne, oil on linen panel 7"x5"
The third nocturne of the vast River Rouge Industrial Site in downriver Detroit


Ambera said...

Man o man: I'm drooling looking at this painting. It's phenomenal!

Paintopolis said...

Nice work Stephen! Love the simplification.
-James Martin
my blog http://jamesmartinstudio.blogspot.com/

Einar said...

As a former Detroit architecture buff (well I still am but now live in New Mexico) I am thrilled to somewhat randomly run across your work. I am hoping to run across your rendition of a Parducci, who, as my favorite Detroi artist, is still #1 in my heart. Life is good. eeeeek

tonypetersart said...

As a big fan of night paintings, I really like this piece. Nice color harmony. Are you familiar with Charles Rollo Peters' nocturnes? I'm sure he would approve.

Deborah Paris said...

Another beautiful nocturne. Stephen. The silhoette, the smoke, the lights..perfect! Inspired by yours, I have been eying some grain silos around here (they have lights on them too-who knew?).