13 December 2007

Neon S, SOLD

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Neon S, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
Something a little different today, letter detail from a downtown Detroit neon sign. An "S" for
Santa, Sexy, Steve and all the other "S's" out there, Smile!


Alvin Richard said...

LOVE THIS PIECE, the mariage of color really work well together. Nice cropped composition!

Melody said...

I too, love this piece. Fabulous

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks Alvin, Your work just blows me away. Have you ever contacted The Meisel Gallery?

Melody, I really enjoyed your site. Your blog is very interesting and I was really suprised by your process. How long does it take as opposed to just painting? Stephen

Don Gray said...

Just fabulous, Stephen. The design is powerful, the subtle color just right. Bravo!

Melody said...

Thanks Stephen for checking out my site and your kind words. My process takes a very long time that is why most of my pieces remain quite small. It is difficult to tell through a jpeg but my artwork is very three dimensional with the addition of the thread work. Love your blog and your art.

Deborah Paris said...

love this composition. dynamic movement and beautiful color!