11 December 2007

National Theatre Detail, SOLD

National Theatre Detail, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
The National Theatre was designed by Albert Kahn and built in 1911 in an Art Nouveau style
with Egyptian elements. Originally a vaudeville house but later switched to showing movies


This Painting Life said...

I love this work, great subject for a painting...and the painting is sold already!

Anonymous said...

Hey, saw your stuff at one of the accessory fairs to Art Basel in Miami. I really like your stuff! I had just been to a Hopper show at the National Gallery in Washington, and I have to say your stuff reminds me a lot of his architectural work, especially his New York stuff. The gallery guy from Birmingham, MI who was selling your stuff didn't see it. Was Hopper a conscious influence? Keep up the great work.

N-MD said...

Saw your stuff in Miami at one of the accessory fairs to Art Basel. I really like your stuff. I had just seen a Hopper show at the National Gallery in DC, and your stuff reminds me a lot of his architecture work. The Birmingham,MI gallery guy didn't think so.

Do you think Hopper was an influence?

Keep it up!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Terrific building Stephen and you do it full justice here!

Stephen Magsig said...

Hiro, Nick. Thanks for your comments and glad you saw my work in Miami. A lot of artists have been an influence in my work. I feel I am like Hopper in some ways. We both were recording the world around us at a particular time. And both were unflinching realists. I have actually been in Hopper's Washington Square North studio in NY. pretty awesome

Deborah Paris said...

Really, Stephen-you've been in his studio ?! Wow! I got off on a Hopper jag a year or so ago and read everything I could get my hands on, including Gail Levin's biography of him (which was something of a hatchet job) but it did paint a very vivid picture of that space and what it meant to Hopper. Representational painting survived the 20th century because of artists like Hopper. And by his own admission he read Emerson every day so, that that makes him alright in my book! and something of a bridge between the 19th and 21st centuries-at least that's my view.

Sheree Rensel said...

Hey Stephen,
Gilda Snowden emailed me about your blog. All I can say is WOWY ZOWY!! Great work, great blog. You go!
Sheree Rensel (aka:wizzlewolf)