19 October 2007

United Artist Detail SOLD

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United Artist Detail, 7"x5", oil on linen panel
This is a painting of the United Artist Marquee, the building is still standing but the marquee is gone. I had a lot of fun doing this painting. When I first decided to paint it I felt that it might be to simple to really challenge me. But the more I painted the more I saw and isn't it the artist's job to find more than is there? I was happy with the way it came out. A lot of the fun of painting is the physical act of painting, the moving around of paint, the way paint gives the elusion of the actual object. It is why painters paint.


Don Gray said...

I agree with you, Stephen. There is indeed something magical about that exact point where paint ceases to be just paint and becomes something else--a reference to something in our world of experience.

The pleasure in your work has a lot to do with how one can get both experiences, alternating between the joy of the surface--the paint itself--and that magical-feeling illusion.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Stephen, I am so enjoying this Detroit series. You are making me realise hwo important it is to record what we really know and have around us in our own personal environment. Thank you.

Stephen Magsig said...

Shelia and Don, Thanks, I do feel it is the artist's responsibility to leave his visual record of when and where he lived and what influenced him as an artist. Don, you are right on about the magic of making art.