25 September 2007

The Sunlit House SOLD

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The Sunlit house, oil on linen panel, 7"x5"
Another in the Hopper like landscape of Detroit.

I will be adding some images to older posts of paintings that are available at the Galleries I show with.


Unknown said...

Stephen Magsig Rules! Hey Steve, I showed you some love. Check out Joeborri.net and go to the About Joe page. You'll see an icon that users can click on to link to Postcards from Detroit. Great luck to you as more people get to enjoy your boundless talent and energy. Sincerely,
Joe Borri

Patrice Erickson said...

I just found your blog, Stephen, and I'll be sure to read all the entries tonight when I have more time. I Started a blog, also, at http://patriceerickson.blogspot.com . I subscribed to yours as I want to see what you're working on. Please say hello to Janet for me!

Patrice Erickson

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks Joe and Patrice, you guys are the best