20 September 2007

Detroit Nocturne #2 SOLD

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Detroit Nocturne #2, oil on linen panel, about 8"X6"
Latest in the ongoing Detroit series of paintings.

Greene St. Window. SOLD
Oil on linen 40"x32".
This noctune is available at the George Billis Gallery, NY.
Please contact the gallery for details


Sheila Vaughan said...

Some of my Stalybridge paintings were night time scenes but I can see here as well as the demonstration of talent, hard work and experience, also the advantage of oils over acrylics - the darks are really deep. A great painting Stephen.

Stephen Magsig said...

Thanks Shelia, I can't believe you paint in acrylics, your paintings are very rich, but you would be very suprised at how much richer and user friendly oil paint is. Janet my wife switched from acrylics to oils and loves it. You should give them a try. The colors are much more refined.