13 August 2007

Desert Truck Stop SOLD

Desert Truck Stop, Oil on linen/panel, 5"x7". How can you pass up such great color and abstract shapes. Along the highway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I was excited with the intensity of the color, even though
some of it is due to pollution coming from Los Angeles.

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mhrob said...

Hi Stephen,

Could you post a higher rez pic of this beautiful truck stop? I have been loking at every single one of your paintings (I am a true fan of yours), and there are only 3 or 4 that lead to a low rez pic when you click on the image link. Fortunately, those low rez seem to be contained in the last 2 pages of your blog (in the oldest posts, to be clearer).

Thanks again for sharing the drama and beauty of your city through your painting,